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  1. Awesome effort to everyone involved! The dedication to expanding this game is fantastic to see. Many thanks
  2. I'm pretty sure I speak for many when I say we are grateful for all of the effort it has taken to get this game back up & running, thank you. My wife fell in love with it just watching me play it and my boys go nuts everytime I spawn a dragon! 🙂 I completely realise it is no small task but what I & my family crave is taking the storyline of what has already been created and continuing it, expand it, new chapters to spur the imagination. a new map isn't something I would burden the admin team with, it could be a competition within the community to create a new map to be a follow-on
  3. Hi all, Apologies if its been asked before: Seeing the dedication to detail making this game reincarnation (my wife is grateful its back & my 2 kids love it), has the subject been broached to expand the storyline/map to allow other possibilities? Thanks to all who made skylords reborn possible
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