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  1. doesnt understand Groping's goal with his question [color=#EAEAEA]Hey UltraKool[/color]
  2. doesn't understand that just because someone is active with the community, doesnt mean that that person needs attention
  3. doesn't know that that is what WoS also does.
  4. Thinks that everyone only thinks about tech alpha...
  5. Wish granted, but only on weekends I wish that the amount of people registering per day on this forum would never decrease, only increase until x amount of players have been reached.
  6. actually doens't know that ladadoos HATES, i repeat, HATES cocopuffs
  7. The person above his isnt right and doesnt know that ladadoos is doing it because he has fun doing it
  8. Can't say anything else other then "Doesn't understand true genius."
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