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  1. They said repeatedly that an account can be reset throughout the stress test. If you don't bother reading the proposals then you shouldn't be playing the stress test to begin with. You're being more of a problem than help in the stress test, sorry to say.
  2. Dude I honestly love that last part, "I'm French and im kinda high", that got me giggling. First you should try to download the game by temporarily disabling anti-virus, as that was my problem. You should also open as administrator on the updater. I don't have a complete answer, but I went through some issues downloading as well, but eventually got it right.
  3. too much complaining, just play the game the way it used to be and report bugs as you find them. There are even bugs with the trade system as direct trading stopped working and such. Anything a player does (selling cards, sitting in forge, being inactive too) can detect bugs, and these type of bugs are the ones devs are looking to detect before re-releasing the game. If you can't play, then fix the timing of your logins. There is a peak in the amount of players that are playing around this time, so fix your schedule instead of complaining.
  4. Holy crap you've been online for like 4 hours on the forums straight posting on here.
  5. I think the best thing to add for the time being (to lower all these complaints) is to add a counter in the login screen somewhere that shows how many people are currently online and how many could login. For example if the server has 190 people online I'd love to see a counter somewhere that says 190/200. If the servers do receive an upgrade, then I'd love to see the counter go up.
  6. They've been like this for the past day. Just wait until they update and fix the server.
  7. Actually, you should be able to play. Just played a few missions and chilled on the forge for around an hour. I just lost connection now but if the server is not full then you should be able to connect. Those getting disconnected on the forge means that the server is full. To get an idea if a server is not full if you login if it goes fast then you will be joining if it takes a while it means that the server is full.
  8. I tried to download it from Mega, but only two small files downloaded, and it said it was 4.9 GB, but the files were a total of like 9k KBs. The files took forever to download, but not much was downloaded when extracting.
  9. Hey guys, I'm having problems downloading the client itself ( I know the servers are down, but my problem comes with downloading the files ). If anyone can help, please add me on Skype: ArabChuckNorris (using chat only, no video call or anything).
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