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  1. Treim has a point here, we need to raise attention for this project, so that we can get a playerbase. :)
  2. Doesn't know it's ninja vikings from the Jorgen Jørgenssen clan.
  3. The way of life. WoS and I are the representants of the Goofy Goobers. Does obviously not know who we are.
  4. Doesn't get that the Goofy Goobers are his fate!
  5. Knows me good enough to be cautious about me. :troll:
  6. Is truly shocked about my true nature. Like pure nature SoM SoM SoM!
  7. Not only in bed, lol. Really, don't meet me when I get out of my bed early. Knows one of my beasty sides. *rawr*
  8. Doesn't know my beasty side yet. *hrrhrr*
  9. Know's that a Lannister always pays his debts.
  10. Doesn't know that I already know that Jon Snow is dead. Maybe is Jon Snow's ascendant.
  11. Isn't Jon Snow because he knows something.
  12. Definetly knows who the king of scotch eggs is.
  13. Seems to be scared of a Kaerion invasion.
  14. Don't know him but he know's Taker. Edit: Oh god didn't recognize him. SPITZIIIII ! <3 Edit Edit: Well 3 guys ninja'd me. I know you, but I dont know if you know me . lol.
  15. Hey, my name is Were, most of you probably won't know me because I was much more active in the german part of the forums, but there I've posted over 1k posts, so I hope the german guys remember me. I've played BattleForge since 2010 and I truly loved this game and it's community. Yes, even Kaerion had his bright moments lol. It was almost like an own little world, where you've known so many people... And I hope we'll get to see each other in the Forge. By the way, you have to enable werebeasts as avatar, I've ever had them set as my avatar in the old forum.
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