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  1. Battleforge

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    Hey maybe you heard this before but are you able to create new cards/maps? I know it's alot harder than creating a private server.
  2. Battleforge

    Say something about the person above you.

    he is a cooliolie guy that doesn't spam good for him
  3. Battleforge

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone! I played battleforge almost all the time and loved pve. Got my perfect decks and it was still fun. Played also alot with friend (Most fun). I also come from The Netherlands (Noord-Holland) I'm gonne be nolifing again
  4. Battleforge

    What will become of the balance?

    I think the best is to vote for them and the people that can vote need to be high enough rank and active
  5. Battleforge

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    Heyy! The website you created looks really good! Also saw the progress and you guys are going sooo fast! Best game ever!

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