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  1. ShieldasLTU liked a reply to a status update by MrXLink in I'm new here so don't ban me just because i wasn't active or didn't posted anything b   
    Don't worry, there's no reason to ban you, and we won't ban you for not being active. You can be as active as you want to be, and your activity in the old game really doesn't mean anything bad to us. Welcome to the community, and we're happy to bring BattleForge back to you!  
  2. ZgNightcore liked a reply to a status update by MrXLink in If A woman has startch mask on belly, does that men she has e pergenat before.?   
    I can confirm that no, that doesn't have to mean that whatsoever. I know a few women with stretch marks who have never been pregnant. It can have to do with hormones, body fat, and other factors that aren't limited to pregnancy.
  3. Fauchderial liked a reply to a status update by MrXLink in happy birthday mister admin sir.   
    Thanks a lot for the well wishes guys, it's much appreciated  
    Fun fact: we dragons tend to make a wish whenever the cake is blown out. It's kinda hard blowing out candles with fire, you know.
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