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    Hello, I have a small problem. When I start BF, it's very up to me, what could it be? My processor is 100% full, although I have a 12 core - a 2.20GH - 2.80GHz & a GTX 1060 - 6GB

    1. EXAEX



      firstly i would suggest that you look at your processes when you launch bf what actual process is causing this issue .

      Secondly you would have to find out what processor you have exactly and finally if you expect help you would have to post dxdiag
      and make sure that windows is not a problem and that you have all drivers up to date.
      (pics would be helpfull)

    2. Deso



      Hello again, I took a picture, maybe you have a solution. All drivers are up to date. I have Windows 10 Processor should you see, could he be too bad?




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