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  1. Also another one is missing libssl-1_1, But the thing is i have the x64 versions of it in my skylords folder. I tried renaming it without the x64 lol but it produced the 0xc00007b error I haven't touched this game in months, though it was running fine. THank you all in advance!
  2. I will learn em bro!

  3. I'd love to contribute to this game! I will learn those!
  4. What skills does one need to know in order to improve the networking in this game? something specific? Would be grateful if an answer is presented I am interested in computers, though there is just so many things to learn!
  5. SQL? Like to understand the causes of such problems like "Your client has disconnected from the server" Thanks in advance! I am a newbie programmer but I understand that there is so much to learn but little time.
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