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  1. I enjoyed this version more than the original however I just completed on Expert but didn't get a Twilight Booster 😞 Oops i see now i was supposed to send the replay ..... facepalm
  2. WOW!!! this has been dropped at the perfect time with the Christmas Holidays coming up. A massive respect to all involved. Long live the BF community. Thankyou .....
  3. I may be wrong but it's most likely that the monitor BF defaults to is the primary monitor? You may have to change the primary monitor around in your windows display settings before you launch BF.
  4. yes I,m having this problem since two weeks but i console myself by running the benchmark test
  5. You guys are fantastic.......i,m so happy this game is coming and it will be better late than never. Thankyou Dev's for you time, hard work and patience.
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