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  1. For me it doesnt crash. The music continues, the mouse apears, but the game doesnt start and it just stays at the loading screen infinitely.
  2. Location: Loading of a match Severity: 1 Reproducable: Allways Description: When I try to start a PvE Match (tutorial or bad harvest for example) the game would load as normal and sound would play, but as soon as the loading bar is filled the music and sound continues, the mouse apears, but the laoding screen doesn´t go away and the game doesn´t start for me. Additional info: Only tried 1 player matches so far since I don´t want ot ruin a match for anyone else because of my bug. Edit: Ok, saw someone else already has a this reported. Can I delete my own post somehow?
  3. While I support the decission in general if it´s needed, and understand that you work for free, so we can´t demand anything, I still have to say something about how this was handled: poorly. I mean surely those problems weren´t only known since two days ago? The information could have come a bit sooner instead of making people wait in vain. That is a sure fire way to make some people sour. If you want to see what broken promisses can deteriate into, I suggest taking a look at the tread on "That which sleeps" on the bay 12 forums (I would also recommend the original forum, but that has been nuk
  4. Oh, now I get it. For some reason I thought they would only do the open beta for one week and that it would go from the 19th to the 26th, so I thought it would be definately released today. Ok, thanks for clearign up. Also glad that means the beta will go longer.
  5. Hello. Just wanted to ask if there is a specific starting time for the beta today or if there will be a seperate announment, because just trying to start the game randomly all day doesn´t sound like fun
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