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  1. 8 minutes ago, Ultrakool said:

    I think a better way for the boost is to activate by default for total of X matches, and add it into the Quest screen as like “New player quest-receive x% gold boost for x matches x/y”

    Or make it as an automatic pop-up on your client.

    24 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    If it will be disabled by default they will not know they can turn it on, because they will not even know it is there. So they will not use it at beginning, and maybe keep it for much later when they will know what they want.


    Disable it by default. Allow them to activate the boost when they want. Put a pop-up window in the client explaining what this boost is, where and how to activate it. Make an announcement about how to use it on the forums. For the newbies, they will not activate it until they learned more about the game. For old players like myself, I will activate it early and make my first competitive deck. 

    Also, give gold/BFP rewards for playing PvP games, like RadicalX's idea.

  2. 1 minute ago, Kubik said:

    @MrAmumu imagine a player that create an account play a match, have something else to do and come back two weeks later to found out there was some bonus he/she missed. 
    "first favourite deck early on" how could new player know what will be favorite deck if they may not even know how many colors cards cane have.


    Make the bonus a thing you can activate at any time. Most new players will usually research this game via websites/youtube, and get a general understanding of what this game is about. There's only 4 elements lol. Newbies can choose based on their favourite element. But giving newbies a boost early on is nice, it lets them play with more cards and have more fun instead of only using tutorial for so long

  3. 2 minutes ago, fiki574 said:

    Elaborate the thesis on how would you accelerate the gain of a single 120 lvl deck. Easier said than done.

    Ultrakool mentioned, and we're planning on, having more booster editions for specific card collections.

    So, if you're going for pure nature deck, you'll buy pure nature booster at a much lower price than the regular, all-in-one booster.

    In essence, for the first 2 weeks (for example), the player gets increased gold/BFP per completed quest, map, achievement, match, etc., kind of like a boost. In this timeframe, give the player booster pack discounts too. Like this, the new player would have a much more enjoyable time since he would be able to make his first favourite deck early on. But, if he/she wants to make more decks, he/she would have to grind and progress like normal. 

    Also, make it a lot easier to upgrade cards to u3 since this doesn't affect the card collecting aspect of the game whatsoever, but reduces the amount of repetition the player needs to do on specific PvE maps. 

    8 minutes ago, Treim said:

    The PvP and (small) competitive speedrun part of the community


    I remember back in the EA days, most of the player base of BF consisted of PvP players, with very little people grinding PvE. In 2016, the dev team explained how there would be a massive time requirement in PvE in order to enter PvP , and that scared away most of the old BF players (which were PvP players)

  4. 9 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    Can not imagine players that like the collecting aspect of the game to take less than month to get all cards fully upgraded. And what to do with that oversupply of cards after the first month?

    I'm suggesting to only accelerate the speed at which a player gets their first 120 deck which is max 20 unique cards. For every other card after, the progression would be normal like it is right now. So, the people who like card collecting would gain their first few cards faster, then the rest (which is the majority) would be much slower. 


    4 minutes ago, fiki574 said:

    I'll say this again - we won't adapt to someone's personal time limits. Seems like few players are frustrated for the sake of not being able to collect all cards in a week, while playing 30 minutes daily. That's not how it works.

    Also, progression, boosters, card ratios, etc. will not be the same as Open Stress Test once we hit Open Beta. You're jumping to conclussions to quickly. Once we reset accounts, the level playing field will once again stabilize, and injection of new players should help with PvP aspect.

    I am not suggesting to allow players to get ALL cards within  a week, but rather, only enough to make just 1 competitive deck for themselves. If you do this, plus integrate PvP rewards/quests, then your game will appeal to everyone.

    You talk about personal time limits, but 1+ months to make only a single 120 deck is a joke

  5. 3 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    "It is a match between players, and the playing field needs to be fair" that again imply all cards fully upgraded for everyone? Because otherwise I do not see a point in that sentence.

    I just can not imagine "fair" meaning anything else than both players having exactly same same options, otherwise someone can say one options was better than the other, and it was not fair.

    Yes exactly. In PvP, everyone should have fully upgraded cards in their main deck. Now, I am not saying to give this out instantly at the beginning, but to make it easier/faster than the current system of 1+ months 

  6. 39 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    I can only imagine players abusing it to get deck full of promos and other expensive cards as their firs lvl 120 deck.
    And how would new players know what they want? That would encourage multiacounting once again to figure out what they want.

    And for you reasoning "at least 1 person will start farming and realize that the higher level your deck, the higher chances you have at winning" that player would gain higher ELO and no longer play with newbies :P so I do not see a problem with it.

    I did not know about this project in 2016 so I did not read that topic.

    For your first point, I am not suggesting to give out their first 120 deck for free! I'm only suggesting to greatly increase the player's BFP/gold gain for only their first deck within a time limit (like 1 week), and put a BFP cap to prevent them from only seeking UR cards. Exclude promos from being purchased during this time too. The fact is, it currently takes over 1 month to even get one 120 deck viable for PvP, which is absurd. Changes in the current system need to happen. Being forced to play over 1 month of repetitive/farming-based PvE before being able to play PvP on a fair level is ridiculous. You might as well classify skylords reborn as primarily a PvE type game. 

    The following is a quote from IdleAltruism, a person that I consider to be a respected veteran at the game: 
    "The game isn't balanced around un-upgraded cards. Major pvp strategies cannot be used without upgrade 3, and certain cards are horribly inefficient until they get particular powerful upgrades. They completely change the way the game is played. Battleforge pvp is about replying to your opponent's moves power efficiently, and playing without upgrades makes that impossible in a lot of scenarios. Similarly, a lack of charges can be game breaking, although not entirely necessary for every single card; it's still important for a healthy portion of them. That is not even mentioning a disparity in upgrades between players. Just at a fundamental level, unupgraded cards don't work in pvp. Playing someone who doesn't have upgrades is absurdly unfair. 

    Similarly, in order to even play some decks competitively, you need specific cards. Pure shadow needs a bunch of rares and a couple ultra-rares just to be functional. And charges are extremely important for Pure Shadow, in particular, as it can be a very spam heavy deck. The number of boosters you'd need for this would be pretty high, and in the end that is also a large part chance, since we don't know how the auction house will pan out. The need for charges also increases dramatically in 2v2.

    PvP needs balance. Period. End of story. Having it in an arbitrary limbo is downright stupid as a design concept. This is not a stagnant PvE map where the challenge is to simply beat the boss. It is a match between players, and the playing field needs to be fair. If everyone were playing mirror matches, maybe this could work. But they won't be, and some people will get screwed because of that."

  7. There was a huge discussion about what we're talking about back in 2016 in a forum titled "My one issue with the BattleForge reborn project - A proposal". Sadly, you are already getting new players complaining about how boring, long and tedious the PvE is, and how much they want to start PvP'ing on equal grounds xD Exactly what IdleAltruism predicted.

    There definitely needs to be a change in how much time it takes to get 1 lv120 deck...

  8. 3 hours ago, nofearek9 said:

    what you expect ,to give you all cards and upgrades within a week? there are player here which are in game for more than a year.

    its a test server so no need to worry in the release we will start all playing from day 1 ,with 0 bfps.so it will be fair for all.

    totally new players will not play pvp unless they understand how the game works,by playing pve first as we did in the original release.

    In vanilla BF, many players paid some money in order to get an accelerated start, avoid PvE as much as possible, and jump into PvP asap. For the people that preferred a slow progression, farming type game, they never paid any money and that's fine. But now with this new BF project, it only satisfies the PvE oriented players, with no middle ground for the PvP players. 

    @Ultrakool Your statement "Therefore it is unrealistic to think that even with a full collection they will stand any chance against a more seasoned player" , is true but at least the newbie's chances at winning are EQUAL. There is absolutely no point in the noob to even attempt doing a 1v1 against a pro with a 120deck because he will always be handicapped by his weaker deck, thus he won't be able to improve his PvP skills. Radical already explained that having upgraded and higher quality cards provide a massive edge to the player that cannot be ignored. 

    Your solution was to get a larger influx of players into this community. That's certainly a great thing, however, look at what would happen long-term. All the newbies would start playing PvP at the beginning with their weaker decks. Assuming these gamers are competitive and have a desire to win, at least 1 person will start farming and realize that the higher level your deck, the higher chances you have at winning. That person will easily defeat all the other noobs, and then the losers will complain. Eventually, everyone will realize that in order to win, you'll have to invest weeks and weeks of repetitive farming, which they (probably) don't want to do. And then our problem comes back once again. 

    An interesting solution I've thought of was to allow every new player to obtain their first lv120 deck (with their preferred cards) a lot faster than multiple weeks (say 1 week for eg), then, for every other card thereafter, they'd follow the regular progression system currently in place. So, their second deck would take weeks. Same for third. Also, integrate Radical's idea about giving rewards and putting quests for ranked pvp games. This idea meets everyone at the middle point, since the PvP players would still have to engage in some PvE at the beginning, and actively participate in the AH if they want to work on their second/third deck, while the PvE players can still enjoy a slow progression system with card collecting after their 1st deck, and also enjoy an active AH where everyone is engaged. Finally, the PvP players would be happy since they'd be able to use their favorite element/deck in ranked games without feeling frustrated that they are handicapped by upgrades. 

    Let me know what you think about this idea @Ultrakool @Kubik @RadicalX

  9. I couldn't agree more with @RadicalX . Kubik's points about playing with tutorial decks/shit cards in PvP just doesn't make any sense. If I was at my prime, I'd be able to crush anyone with my main 120 deck vs a tutorial deck 99.9% of the time. 

    This current version of BF is mostly suited for PvE oriented players, and it is terrible for PvP players. Many of my old BF friends aren't returning to what is essentially a PvE game that will have a hard reset soon...

    Radical's idea to give players rewards from playing ranked games is fantastic. 

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  10. Just now, Kubik said:

    Why you are so focused on PvP? Almost no one play PvP. PvP matches are less than 1% of all matches.

    That's probably because everyone is logically forced to grind PvE for a very long time to reach lv120 decks before playing PvP

    I used to play BF back in the day, and knew a lot of old players. There was a lot of high elo players that only played ranked. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, fiki574 said:

    So we're better off removing the PvE aspect completely from the game? Couldn't agree less.

    How can you compare most recent, Battle Royale games that focus COMPLETELY around PvP, and a TCG that MOSTLY focuses around collecting cards from the campaign aka PvE? Two completely different genres with 10 years of time between them.

    Basically, we should adapt the game to someone's personal time limits? I think you should adapt yourself to the game, and not the other way around. Just because it doesn't suit you, doesn't mean it doesn't suit other players.

    We've had this kind of discussions few times before, and we decided to stick to vanilla BF as close as possible. It didn't bother you then, it certainly shouldn't bother you now. I know you have to start everything from scratch again, but hey that's life, at least you get to play this game once again.

    Most of the top ranked BF players from before the game died only grinded PvE to make their decks. After that, they only played ranked. Sure, keep all the PvE content available in the game. But why force players to play PvE for a very long time before they can play PvP ? When EA created this game, they made the grinding very long and tedious on purpose in order to encourage players to spend money on cards to start PvP'ing...

  12. Regarding League of Legends and people complaining about runes, that maybe was the case Years ago but for months, that is no longer a problem. Everyone on LoL play on an equal playing field with all available runes and a lot of champions. No one complains about a lack of farming advantage vs others. 

    Your point about "you start from beginning each match" is both true and false. In terms of ingame materials, yes you almost always start from the beginning each match. But, in terms of skill and experience, as a player, you constantly improve and change. Each game is a different one for you. And for BF, this is more significant as you can try out new card combos and deck almost everyday, making your PvP experience refreshed. And, you play against different people with different decks on different maps. Your PvP experience can be vast and rewarding every time on BF.

    I think it's fine to have a medium-sized and loyal player base, but talk with your player base and ask them what they enjoy the most about BF. Is it the PvE or is it the PvP aspect of the game? Talk with them, make a vote, do a survey. The 1v1 and 2v2 aspect of BF is not a cheap battle royale! It has so much aspect and fun to it, BF is a game that has so much potential. 


    The aspect of trading cards and having an AH is cool, but it is greatly limiting people from entering PvP. If it takes a pro a couple of weeks to get 1 lv120 deck, then imagine how long it would take for a newbie... Noobs would be quickly discouraged from even trying. And that's just making a single deck too. What if you want to play other elements? You'll have to grind for more and more weeks xD

    Keep an AH and booster pack system available only for PvE. Players can grind for hours and weeks to make the decks they like and play all the PvE they want. But for ranked PvP, make all the cards and upgrades available so that everyone can have a fair advantage in games. 

  13. I used to play BF a lot when it was released by EA, and I got very excited when I learned about a project to bring this game back. However, after reading about the game's system & structure, I've decided to not even bother downloading the new client because I knew I'd eventually feel the same way as OP. 

    Like in many other PvP games, players hate it when they lose 1v1 matches because of a lack of upgrades, resources, etc, related to prior PvE grinding and/or ingame purchases. Regardless of skill, we can all agree that PvP matches where 1 player has a fully stacked lv120 deck vs another who doesn't aren't fun to participate in, nor are they fun to watch. Moreover, they wouldn't be equal games so the 2 players wouldn't be able to adequately train their PvP skills, making the PvP experience not very fun, and somewhat useless. Thus, there's very little point for a beginner to even think about playing PvP within the first 2 weeks to 1 month until they can get an equal and fair playing field against their opponents (i.e. lv120 deck with specific cards). 

    The devs can make the argument that they've implemented a matchmaking system in PvP where low elo players with weaker decks would get matched against people of their elo, but the reality is that BF simply does not have the player base to support such a system, and you'll constantly see players with fully upgraded decks get matched against those who have weaker decks, and regardless of skill, should the player with the weaker deck lose, he/she will almost always blame the loss because of their lack of upgrades and card quality. I know I would too. And besides, why would I want to practice my PvP skills with shit decks against people with stacked decks? I'll for sure never be able to train and learn properly under these conditions. 

    The devs falsely believe that the only grinding in this game comes from the PvE and market/card trading, and that without it, players would feel bored and lack an objective on BF. However, in my opinion, most of the grinding should come from playing multiple PvP games with different deck and card combinations, ranking up in the ladder, and learning new mechanics everyday, instead of doing the mindless, boring and repetitive process of PvE farming with cards that people don't even enjoy using before they can actually start training in PvP. I am sure this is the experience that most of the BF community wants. Why do you think games like Fornite, Apex Legends, League of Legends, etc, have such massive success? One of those reasons is that, when people come home from work or school for instance, they want to enjoy the video game and get immediate and short PvP action. Play a few PvP games a day then move on with their lives. And for the more hardcore gamers, they'd be able to play countless of PvP games, increase their skill, and rank up the ladder. That's the grinding that the devs should aim for. 

    The PvE experience on BF is certainly not its area of promotion. There are plenty of better PvE games out there that are significantly more rewarding to the players, have better storylines and are more enjoyable overall. 

    In conclusion, what I suggest is to unlock all upgrades and cards only for PvP, and still have PvE maps available. This way, the players that want to play PvE will be able to, and the players that want to just do PvP would also be able to without forcing them to play PvE. Many other known pros/veterans have suggested this idea months ago and the devs have denied it. I realize my post is just repeating a long discussion from before. But, clearly, your player base right now is very low, and the beginners who are looking to try out this game are getting uninterested. Why not try out the idea I've suggested for like 1 month, get some statistics, and then see which system (yours vs the one I'm suggesting now) is better.

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