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  1. crashdata_value1280.mdmp πŸ€” there is something seriously wrong this one is in garbage collection (missing script manager)

    crashdata_value1025.mdmp 😞 no clue something deep in the DirectX code 😞 so far that one was solved by using different version

    crashdata_value1024.mdmp πŸ€” even weirder something with fonts, are you sure you are not missing any files? (btw what language are you using?)

    crashdata_value768.mdmp 😞 something deep in DX 9 specific code

    crashdata_defaultvalue.mdmp πŸ€”even weirder again LUA is missing main thread

    to be honest they look like symptoms of something being really wrong 😞

  2. 1024 πŸ€” that is new, so far people have reported only 1280 and 768 to help with these kind of issues.

    Are you sure your files did not get corrupted during download, or something. Can you try downloading all files again?

    If that will not help send few different crashdumps, maybe I will figure something out, but I am not too optimistic about that 😞

  3. 8 minutes ago, Xamos said:

    A different approach would be, now that we know exactly how the dmgΒ distribution works, is to upper the max total damage from certain cards and spells that are now underperforming.
    So Fire Sphere would need like double its current total dmg. Even then it would not kill the 8 Sunderers in the example however.Β 


    So killing 7 squads of Sunstriders, instead of 4, while allowing it to kill almost 3 Constructs instead of just 1? That sounds like really bad solution to me.

  4. Well PvP is kind of less affected by fix like this because T1 spells do less damage, which means also less overkill damage is possible. (not saying it would still not be a huge, task though, but my guess is that PvP part would be manageable to test, πŸ€” would there be even 20 cards to check in T1 and T2? )

  5. 3 minutes ago, Bkingn said:

    buff to make rpve 7-8-9-10 a bit stronger

    I would suggest first fixing it first so it does not miss so many enemies πŸ˜› There is optional boss one step sooner (lvl=2 instead of lvl=3), but no unit defined for it, so every time game decides to have it there, it only logs warning that boss is missing 😞

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  6. Why me? I just provided real time data for how the damage works. Implemented formulas @wibryz write and did some small testing. He is the one who did trough all these numbers to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. (And I would say it was less than 4 days for the actual analysis and fix πŸ™‚ )

    8 minutes ago, Xamos said:

    Looking forward for that Update, tho the Impact might be huge. Strong cards like Shadow Phoenix do even get stronger? Those cards might need some number adjustment accompanied by that bugfix.

    How much HP does "usual" targets of Shadow Phoenix have?

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  7. It does not specify port on your side, so windows gives it random one each time, so there is nothing to forward, if you would need to forward ports for each outgoing connection, you would need to forward multiple ports per each website 🀣. But when connecting to forge server port is 7501.

  8. combatvalues.xml contains the slot information at the end, and new values will be:


    melee_attacker_free_slots.small_s = 6;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_s = 9;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.big_s = 4;

    melee_attacker_free_slots.small_m = 9;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_m = 15;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.big_m = 4;

    melee_attacker_free_slots.small_l = 12;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_l = 18;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.big_l = 6;

    melee_attacker_free_slots.small_xl = 18;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.smallex_xl = 21;
    melee_attacker_free_slots.big_xl = 8;


  9. did you hover over a unit that died, or corpse that disappeared, just at the time of crash?

    My only guess is something like the game was trying to create new window (tooltip?) for something that just disappeared.

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