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  1. cant play anymore. as soon as i start a map, after the loading screen is full, i get the disconnect from server message
  2. As it is to much of TL:DR in Discord i guess, I'll leave it here: So after following this project in silence for a litte while and not being into hypes/spamming around in channels for days/weeks/months/whatever, maybe you are interessted in my point of view... first of all its a really big project for such a small dev-team that wants to do it in their free time and u have my respect for that. But delaying the whole thing over and over again with the excuse of "This and that doesnt work as intend" is not the way to go here. Its Beta State so reasonable ppl will understand it doesnt work as intended. other ppl will always complain even if u bring it out with like 0 Bugs. But u would give the Community vastly more Insight, maybe 1 or 2 solid feedbacks and even 1 more helping hand on the way. Like now it seems u want to polish the whole thing before presenting it. Thats never going to work. There will always be Flaws/Bugs and Stuff up to the release candidate. and even after that. But it would make ppl happy to see how u progress from day to day on a project they would love to finally play themselfes. a weekly dev note is nice but without seeing and playing it yourself, only a few ppl will understand what u are doing while most getting frustrated, turning salty/ full rage mode or what would be the worst: Pissing off the Devs with flame. But anyways, thats just my thoughts. So good luck, keep it up and maybe consider this. (English is not my primary language btw)
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