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  1. Masche00

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hi, my name's Andrea. I'm almost 18 and I was born in S.Peterborough, in Russia, but now I live in Italy with my new family.. I'm attending secondary school, and I wish to attend programming classes at University, mainly because I'd love to become a programmer, but also because you guys have somehow helped me to choose. This project probably has influenced my choices.. and I thank you for that. What about my BF experience? Let's say that the answer is simple: I was a little noob.. I have been playing this game for 3 years, but I couldn't speak English because I was too young and there wasn't Italian language.. I also remember that often I had to hide myself playing with the Battleforge because my mother wanted me to study.?? I won't say that I am special. I could only play pve. I can only offer you my old and big love for the game and my time(this weekind I'm working, but once finished I'm free almost every days). I'd love to help you because we share this passion for Battleforge, and because I really want to be helpful. I have only experienced beta testing for minecraft pocket edition (Ehh I know that it's not exactly the same.. ?) Ps. Sorry for my bad English language... and thank you for the chance you have given me to explain how important the game is for me.❤ On discord: Masche00#4360 Thank you for your time, Andrea.
  2. Masche00

    Where are you from?

    Russia, but living in Italy
  3. Masche00

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Congratulations! @Ultrakool
  4. Masche00

    1. Championship of Skylords

    About the idea, it's great and I think it will take time to develop it, I agree that we should all use english too. Ps. @BurningWorldyou think only about a price my little German friend ehehe
  5. I can't understand why you guys must always reply like this. He has just asked a question, and you always answer like if you know everything or if "it's so obvious.". Nobody is judging the dev's work, because they are of course better than us and you too, otherwise we could do it ourselves but we didn't. So it's obvious that we are all curious to know, and saying "just wait, they can do whatever they want" is useless in my opinion. If you knew something useful we don't, just tell us. We are in the same boat (like we tell in Italy ) and none has bad intentions.
  6. Masche00


    Hi guys Maybe it's too early, or it's just a no sense idea, but what do you think about Skylords hoodies or something like that ? With the logo image maybe. It can be bought on Internet or I don't know . Money will be sent to the dev team of course, that's it. Hola
  7. Masche00


    You're right, Instagram like just "one app for post photos" won't increase the number of players of course. But generally the more is the advert, the best it is for the future of the game I think.
  8. Masche00


    I agree
  9. Masche00


    Oh. I didn't know about the pages.. why don't we need to advertise the game? I can understand the first months because of the "server size" or structure, but later?
  10. Masche00


    Hi Skylords. Some days ago I saw that you want to advertise this game by Facebook or anyway using socials, am I right? I didn't understand if you are going to do it only on Facebook or maybe on Instagram and others too. (For example I searched "Skylords Reborn" on Instagram and I didn't find anything. Personally I don't use FB.. ) In my opinion we can create accounts in other socials too, so we can advertise the game in a better way, by posting news and the upgrades. Thanks for watching. You are doing a very good job
  11. Masche00

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I remember that I got a good number of BF only signing up with email for I don't remember what sites, totally for free

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