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  1. Thats what i can add to this. I read your post several times in a row... and it has always the same negative connotation. As u said now, we probably didnt " understood " your message u want to tell. But for me and for some others your post sounds like a " Shoot " against the develope team and as that i take that and understood it. It´s ok if u say u dont mean it like this... But dont tell us, we have to grow up or whatever, when u obviously can´t spread your message like it is supposed to be. Your post is clearly negative to understand and if the majority of the community understoo
  2. Dude, honestly i dont understand this bullshit at all.... DO you really think they gave dates just to fool us ?? No, they though they will be finish in this time.. but they faced some unforeseen problems so it took longer then expected. These guys work day in and day out and pretty much fk on their on health to get this project done and u have nothing else to do then complaining?? Keep in mind.. that they arent a professional buisness with many of ppl who works on the same project... they are, if i am not wrong, only 3 ppl. 3 Ppl for a game like this, isent much in my oppinion. I really apprec
  3. Hey, to be honest, it is for sad that it isent ready now but i rather play the game when its ready insteed of having constantly problems which would have a big impact on the Game experience especially for new players. I really appreciate all the work the dev Team is doing... and i hope that these negative commentarys/flames/rages wont hit u as much.... So many ppl are appreciate what u are doing for us and i hope that gives u more and more motivation to keep going. I am really happy that u guys bring back the game and i am very excited. I wish u some luck for your work and also stay healthy
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