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  1. Hello First time to join a contest, but got some ideas for the Lost Soul faction, here's one: Name: Lost Valkyrie Tier & Orbs: T2, Frost Shadow Type: Unit Power: 80 Hit points and Size: 800, M Attack value and Type: melee 770, Large Passive Abilities: Immortal Aura: Within a 20m radius every Lost Revenant's life time will stop to run out and they deal 25% more damage. Upon leaving the aura the hourglass will be reinstalled and remaining life time will again run out. this passive excludes Lost Valkyrie's Revenant. Steadfast: Cannot be knocked back Active Abilities: Revenant's Doom: Activate to bestow the unit with a curse that will make it resurrect in case it dies. The resurrected revenant will only be a shadow of its former self but it will be endowed with the same abilities and equal in strength. After 25 seconds the revenant will then die once and for all. May only be triggered once. Explanation of idea behind the card: As strong as the faction can be, they lack the proper support for the Lost Souls signature skill. This will give them some permanent support, while rewarding skill as you micromanaging posision with this unit (with some Steadfast as protection against "those pesky untimly knockbacks").
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