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  1. I suppose its is 26.06.2023, correct?
  2. Hey guys, I have really been looking foreward to this for at least a year, so a month more or less will not make a difference. Especially not considering the reasoning! So good luck to the test-takers, eat enough :-D and I'll see you ingame, when you guys decide to release. Take your time! We all understand you! Thank you for your wonderful effort!
  3. I generally like the Idea, but this complete ignorance t how the world works is not ok. Just think on what you are saying there, everyone has to invest the same amount of TIME, to achieve the same thing, right? (same skill level as a prerequisite) Sounds fair? Well, it is not, since not everyone has the same amount of time at their disposal, which is not fair either. The world is not a fair place and havin the possibility to trade some money, for a quicker progress in order to keep up with your friends is not a bad thing. But I generally agree, that there has to be an additional rewar
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