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  1. Fazo

    Does battleforge work on windows 10?

    Oh... I thought I searched for this but I guess I didn't look good enough. I beg your pardon, skypeople, for this unforgivable and utterly shameful treachery. Lucky we have people like you amongst us lost souls
  2. Fazo

    Does battleforge work on windows 10?

    That's great! Thanks for the quick answer
  3. It may seem like a stupid question, yes, but I have been thinking a bit about this lately. I guess and hope that the answer is yes, since at least one beta tester should be running windows 10, right? But it would still feel good with some confirmation, so I don't get disappointed like i've been before when I hopefully in the sweet future install the game and then it turns out that it does not work due to the OS
  4. Seems like they plan to rely on donations.
  5. There will be no paid features in reborn from what I have heard. All free to play.
  6. Well, I guess it's very unlikely that it will be needed but I can translate to Swedish... Finns det någon mer svensk här ens?
  7. Fazo

    The legendary forum game "count"

    I know this post was 2 years ago but I really had to answer to this because it kinda made my day lol. This counting game were in literally every tribe ever.. ah those days 2391
  8. Fazo

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    It's hard to figure out the number one card, but it'd probably be the avatar of frost for me as well Other alternatives for me is the fire dancer or juggernaut

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