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    • NAME: Sparring PvP does not work when inviting player to group.
    • SEVERITY: 1 (or 3, I am not sure as the categories you provided are rather vague)
    • LOCATION: Loading screen of sparring ground PvP
    • REPRODUCIBILITY: Open Sparring PvP, send out a group invite to another player, wait for him to join and get ready, start match
    • DESCRIPTION: Every time I invite a friend into my group for PvP sparring, the game will be stuck on loading screen with the message "waiting for other player", we waited for over 10 minutes and tried out variations, like changing who invites, or if the invite happens before or after the match lobby is created, with private match option and without, at times with a lot of online players and at obscure times without many people around - the result was always the same.
    • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Workaround: not inviting my friend to the group works 100%, we can start the match without any problems if one person waits until the other creates the match lobby and joins by clicking on it.


  1. Name: 
    (Unknown. Calls himself:) The Great Warrior of Justice

    Age: 29

    Unit & Faction: 
    Defender riding a twilight cursed Magma Spore. (Twilight)

    Male defender without the crossbowshield. Helmet seems to be falling off all the times. Has a bag of medium large rocks strapped to the remaining pieces of his armor. Rides on a chained, twilight cursed Magmaspore (Picture will be added)

    Justice. Somewhat sympathetic towards his former faction.

    - Can fly around. 
    - Throws rocks from large altitudes with great precision due to his prior archer skills. 
    - Can remove the chains from the Spore to spread the twilight curse (which he thinks of as nothing harmful, due to his immunity to it)

    Relatively small, fast and unpredictable. Immune to the twilight curse.

    - Post traumatic stress. 
    - Amnesia. 
    - Loses his mind for a short period of time, when logically contradicted in his sence of justice.

    Personality & History:
    The Great Warrior of Justice was once a mere defender unit. After emerging to the surface with his former allies, they were caught in a fierce battle with the twilight. 
    While his allies fled in fear, The Great Warrior of Justice tripped and lost conciousness among dead bodies.
    He woke up at night without any recollection of his memory. All he saw around him were dead, deformed faces of fallen beings.
    He could not differenciate between his allies and the cursed and thus wondered what force was responsible for such cruel slaughter.
    These first thoughts and memories after his awakening, always haunt him at the back of his head.
    For the next years he settled in a mountain cave, ignoring and hiding from all passing living beeings, trying to deny and forget what he saw.
    Little did he understand that he was the first one to be found immune to the all feared curse.

    One day, at the time where the Twilight Curse was beeing irradicated, a wounded cursed Spore found its way to his cave. Seing the poor thing in pain, the pictures from his awakening flashed before his eyes. In tears, while applying first aid to the creature, he swore to himself that he would never allow any such injustice to happen again.
    The days full of internal and external struggles flew by, as the Spore recovered. The now self proclaimed Great Warrior of Justice had to physically restrain the thing, which was getting more and more out of control, while trying to preserve its freedom of movement.

    Dedicated, he collected rocks from the surrounding, mounted the spore and flew out into the world to find injustice and halt it once and for all.

  2. Just now, ICE said:

    yeah i  gotta work on that cache part to get images out asap

    and yes if card is choosed it runs abit inside and shows out smaller maybe should add  opacity  or something to make more clear why card seems small.
    and i put up fix for textfield in a hour need to finish some other stuff first :)

    Sounds good!

    Let us know about further updates, I'll gladly try everything out :D

  3. 10 minutes ago, ICE said:

    i dont think so i think i have littl estep un controlled as this name field goes read only  state after you start editing deck :)  there is defo bug lol  but overall hows it looks  is those  card animations and so on ok or too much lol

    and did you tried sorting deck out ?how that feels


    Sorting works great! And everything that I saw so far looks clear and good.


    Ok, I restarted again a couple times and encountered some buggyness for sure.

    1. The page loaded fully.
    2. I press "+ Start creating deck"
    3. I click on the cards. And they appear to be "clicked in" / smaller, as to show that they are in the deck already.
    4. The cards don't appear on the bottom (at first) And the text field is not editable. (Screenshot 1). You can see that I cannot edit the textfield because copy, paste ect are greyed out and I have a text copied in my clipboard
    5. After some waiting, the cards appear at the bottom, but still not able to edit the text field. (Screenshot 2)

    If that is any good: I am using Comodo IceDragon browser version based on the firefox kernel 26.0

    Here 2 screenshots:




  4. 2 minutes ago, ICE said:

    hm ok i will look into that deck name part as it actualy should be working can save upto 100 decks :)

    Tried it again after restarting browser, works fine now.

    For some reason I wasnt able to type anything into the text field or even copy paste, like it was disabled (The | was also not blinking, but appeared when i focused the field)

    Maybe its just my browser fucking up

  5. On Mittwoch, 29. März 2017 at 5:20 PM, ICE said:

    Hi again
    Now i deactivated web mobile version for now and started  big screen ui placing (if thats done i activate both so if mobile screen it shows mobile version)
    some things are done but got many views to finish :)
    Uploaded better quality images too but still hasnt realy worked on optimization part

    atleast now it has sharing option what i figured out added 3 different ways should be enought

    And just to test sharing img url i put here my own most used nature cards

    Looking good!

    This is my pure nature 2v2 only deck.

    Can't type in a deck name to save it yet though


  6. 12 minutes ago, SilenceKiller99 said:

    What have you tried? On web version it is double click, so maybe double tap it?

    Oh right! Its double tap.

    Some haptic/visual feedback with that may also be nice, so you dont have to keep track of the number in the corner.


    Ps: I don't want to be misunderstood here. I am critizing a lot, maybe I come of as picky.

    I mean the app is great, its functional, it gives all the info you need.

    But from my experience, it could be a lot more ergonomical and intuitive. (It realy doesnt have to though)

  7. 10 hours ago, ICE said:

    Yeah still trying to figure  what way todo that as app is purely offline but it comes for sure after deck part is fully functional  (cards sorting and editing and so on ) :)


    you can get it there and let me know how it works on your phone :)

    I think the easiest way to do that is encode each card. 10bit would be enough to cover every card. Or you can use some own annotation.

    Then it would make it pretty easy to export that as a string or csv if you wanna be fancy.

    The drawback with that is, that only your app will understand that ^^


    The app works fine by the way - I just found some gui design choices weird (It doesnt affect functionality, but usability)

    • Long click to view card details has weird timing (for me) and no haptic feedback (vibration, when it is triggered)
    • The physical 'back' button always closes the app, regardless of which state it is in. When I view card details and press 'back' I expect to get back to the search results.
    • Why is there a slider for the sorting options instead of a spinner
    • Selecting any filter options is super slow, because it immediately filters the cards. Thats confusing, because there is no feedback and a huge delay. I'm a chill person, but I was already frantically spamming clicks, because it felt like it just froze up or didn't register my touch. Good practice is to only filter after all the rules are applied. So If I wanna see all common shadow cards, I currently select "Common" get a 2s lag, then select Shadow and get a 1s lag. Instead I should select commong and shadow without any delay, and when I close the search menu, it should filter and show me the cards.

    Oh, I don't know so far how to add a card to the deck. Tried around for 10 minutes. Either it doesnt work on my phone or it is very unintuitional.

    (Asus Z00AD, Android 5.0)

  8. Nice one :D

    If you are looking into working further on it and need any help. I'll be available in 12 days.

    Oh and another thing, if you are working with the api, this app is probably not usable in offline mode, right?

    (Mentally holding myself back with asking who elisa is.)


  9. Can we just make a poll to get what devices people use here? I mean, the distribution sure will be different among bf players then the worldwide average. And If there are way more people that have android, then its more convincing to do that first instead of a direct multi-platform approach.

    Also there is a way that I know (forgot the name of the project) that allows running java on ios and still make it to the appstore. So its still easy portable even we do android first.

    (In case you didnt know, the iphone cpu's were originally meant to be able to run java bytecode directly without the JVM, and that feature is forecefully disabled)


  10. About the creditcards - I never needed one in my life. The only things I can pay by credit card only are intercontinental. I've booked hotels in Europe per banking and paypal. The only thing that I would need a credit card for is a developer account for google. And I've asked all the people around if they could pay with their creditcard for me, to which I figured out nobody I know has one.


    Hey guys, chill out :D

    So far I thought you were both having a nice discussion, and it's really important to think about target devices, cost and efficiency. One cannot have a good idea if everybody just agrees to the first thing. Disagreement is sometimes even important for the sake of disagreement, to think about the problematic parts. (That is not saying one of you did this, I think both of you meant it in a good way. But sometimes I do this to make people think more about certain aspects)


  11. @Phoenix313

    I disagree a bit about the android part.

    1. It is very easy to sideload apps or put them on alternative appstores for free, like F-Droid (maybe even Amazon appstore). It would totally suffice if we post a download link to the apk on the forum and let people install.

    2. Theoretically you don't even need a PC, since I am an informatics student and have long train ways to go every day, I have a multitude of IDEs on my Android. It is very unpractical to do large projects with them, but I've done a lot of gui-related small apps without much trouble.


    I know that what I mentioned are edge cases, but still wanted to mention them :D

    (Also for the google playstore you can only pay the 25$ with a credit card, which many people in Europe don't have, which is an additional barrier)

  12. I was also thinking about such an app, at earlier stages of skylords reborn. I've done some advanced android development before and am able to do an offline deck bulding/ cardbase app for battleforge.

    Without the forge suggestion or any 3d previews.

    Also I only do android and have little motivation to look into cross platforming that.

    Plus I have upcoming exams in a few weeks, so I wont start anything before that is over.


    So to sum it up: If there is enough interest and nobody else does it, I will. Or I could help with android development if there is somebody more motivated than me :D

  13. 4 hours ago, Mitch said:

    I wouldn't mind micro transactions at all, hell I'd probably  buy them whenever they're available. c:
    As long as it's fair to earn BFP fast as grinding for it.

    I think being able to buy your way into endgame will hurt the durability of the project.

    I'm thinking back at all the games I have played so far. I played an MMO for 4 years, but just 2 days in the same MMO on a private server with faster progress. I've spend years, building shitty decks in yugioh when I was a kid and had no money. But played about a week with a 200€ high tier deck. And there are many other examples.

    And its kind of more exciting to know that everyone has to start from scratch and all are equal. It makes it more competetive and makes people want to play more frequently, which would help the health of the game


    Maybe microtransactions for getting things that are not influencing the gameplay would be nice, like high quality fanmade icons for players (can't think of much more currently)

  14. Welcome!

    Its really cool, that you played and liked BF at that young age, considering it is rather complex and less rewarding (but very unique) compared to modern popular games!

    I hope to see you in a PvP match when we can play the game :D


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