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  1. Laertes liked a post in a topic by Reckoning in Oracle - Discussion Thread   
    Can we include a skip option for the dialogue during the ritual? It's actually pain waiting 3minutes until they finished their talk every time you wanna run this map
  2. Reckoning liked a post in a topic by RX8Toxic in A few thoughts on the new updates.   
    Hey all.
    I was playing tonight and was discussing with other players the new reforging system has had.
    Now before I begin, I want to make sure that EVERYONE is aware that this is intended to be constructive, and i mean no ill will to anyone.
    With that being said Id like to go over a few points.
    The current reforging rates and the rates on the release.
    As many of you are aware, the very fist day was absolute madness! In a good way though. There were new and exciting things, and many of us were testing everything out. In that madness we all were of course reforging all of those pesky worthless cards we had in hope of getting something better. The yields from this were great! I was able to get a few good cards that I had been working towards. and would up with some extra cards for trading and selling. And like many of us after running through about 20ish reforges I found myself broke and in need of gold. Well for the next few days I started grinding as much gold as I could and as soon as I had enough for a few more reforges.... I notice a drastic change in the system. about half way though my stockpiled gold I realized that I was not getting ANYTHING near as rewarding as before. And first thing I did was hop on Discord and sure enough the system was nerfed. With that, I still carried on in hopes that my luck would change. Pouring Rare after Rare in to the system only to continue to be disappointed.

    Now I have some things with this story I would like to bring up...
    A. The reforging rates were dialed back due to the  overwhelming amount of good ultra rares and rares the system was producing. Well to be honest I feel like the rates being reduced doesn't address the issue. By the time the rate adjustments were changed, it was too late. What I mean by this is all of the veteran players who had a huge stockpile of excess cards and gold had already reforged their stockpile. So if you had plenty of cards, and gold you had a field day on day 1. and for those who are still fighting to get a deck above level 90, already had little to no gold simply for the fact that they were still trying to buy card upgrades. So the veterans really reaped the rewards and those still trying to make their way, didn't get much.

    B. The Marketplace has been all over the place but slowly things are starting to settle. With the settling I am noticing 2 things. First the price of commons and uncommons are higher, but are starting to get lower (which I figured was going to happen anyway). And lastly, the price of the good cards (Infect, Enlightenment, Harvester, etc...) are starting to rise again. Now I understand the premise of supply and demand. But I feel like if the reforging system stays where it is at, it will slowly loose steam and will become an unused feature. When and if that happens we will see the market start to go back to its old ways.

    C. Booster Values. What I mean by this is the what a booster is really worth. Now that most rares and ultra rares that did have a decent value to them (Overlords, Lost Warlord, Rageflame, etc...) are now lower than ever, causing the value of an average  booster to not be worth it. Now I know now we do have to factor in the rising price of commons and uncommons, but even with that a booster at the current discounted rate of 350 BFP, isn't really worth it. Once the price changes back to the normal 450 BFP, then its rally going to make it harder to buy a booster over going and buying cards in the marketplace.

    NOW with that said, I know that A and C are contradicting to each other. 1 implies that the cards need to be easier to get, and the other implies that some cards are so cheap, that boosters are worth it anymore. I would like to offer a suggestion but im not really sure what I could suggest.

    IMHO The issue all comes back to the day 1 rates and the veterans that were able to mass reforge their entire collection. The cards that were at one time a pleasant surprise in a booster (Overlords, Lost Warlord, Rageflame, etc...) are now stocked up on the market, and the higher end cards are being held on to waiting for the top dollar price again.

    I feel like there might be an easy fix to this issue... Can there be a limit on the reforging system that grants "Boosted" rates for the first X cards and after that the rates start to decrease? This would stop the abuse of mass forging, and still grant newer players the same benefit that the veterans got on day 1?
      My next point I would like to bring up is gold. As previously stated for the veterans a gold supply isnt an issue, but for the newer players it is. When the reforging system came out, I had roughly 20k of gold saved up, as I was still saving for those expensive t2 and t3 upgrades. of course just like everyone else I depleted that pretty quick with some reforges. Now that reforges and upgrades are eating gold, its now more import than ever to have some. Is there any works in the making that might be revamping the gold situation?  
    With all of that said, I would like to make it clear that I am beyond grateful for all of the efforts of the SR team. I know that all of you have jobs/school outside of this project and you all are volunteering your time to provide us such an amazing game and I truly am grateful.

    Also that I don't want this to come across as bashing the reforging system. I think that it is a great idea and that it will retally benefit the game in many ways. When I was watching the live stream and it was announced I was blown away with excitement and it really is a great concept.

    Please take these thoughts as a 10,000 foot view of the newish players. 
    Thank you all again for all that you do!
  3. Majora liked a post in a topic by Reckoning in Oracle - Discussion Thread   
    Can we include a skip option for the dialogue during the ritual? It's actually pain waiting 3minutes until they finished their talk every time you wanna run this map
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