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  1. Kilikem liked a post in a topic by Majora in QOL and multiple accounts   
    Hey everyone,
    Please understand this is a passion project that we all work on in our free time, for no profit, alongside our actual jobs. That means both the development, discussions and the moderation. 
    I don't want to silence constructive criticism or complaints, but at this point I don't see this going anywhere productive. To conclude, we won't be removing the multi-account ban rule, but we are looking into a more rewarding system for playing past the daily. 
    I'm not a moderator but since this threat is turning highly toxic, I will lock it for now until a moderator has time to look at it and decide how to go forward. Please respect each other and stick to a discussion, instead of a flame war. We are all here because we love the game. 
  2. Kilikem liked a post in a topic by Ponni in QOL and multiple accounts   
    Well, speak with newbies on the server, which I have done a lot, and it is from there I make these comments. They are not just stated because I would liked to have had all cards from the re-release day. Many I have spoken with are not around any longer...people won't spend weeks and months any longer which is needed to get anywhere in this game. You can accept this or not but the facts are the following:
    - Checked last night, 160 people online.
    - Boosters opened last two days, 3500
    Ever so declining from the re-release day, expected, yes, but is it enough to keep the game at good terms with new players. I would say not.
    Again, for an experienced player (like you and me who now have all cards, for me after around 500 ingame hours) it is not a problem. But tell that to a newbie, yeah, after 2-4 months you can start to be competitive with 1 or 2 really good decks and after 6-12 months you have a full collection. They will just laugh and leave...
    As a final comment, we have left EA behind us since many years now and I dont understand why we still compare things with that time. Actually, to me it was better under the EA years because then you could progress faster if you wanted. Now everone (except us vets then...) needs to follow the holy slow path.
    // Ponni
  3. Kilikem liked a post in a topic by Ponni in QOL and multiple accounts   
    There is no point in arguing anything about this particular thing, eg. grinding like crazy until you get bored out of your senses and leave. It has been done multiple times in the past and still the devs and others claim this is the way to go, not realizing in the making we have lost a lot of potential new map breakers...but I give you kudos for trying!
    // Ponni
  4. Ponni liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    as i said multiple times. i do not think allowing multiple accounts and promoting it is the correct move. but we literally have a system in place that if i am to believe the post on the rules will literally ban you automatically even if you are just multiple people in 1 house hold playing with different accounts. you think THIS is the correct way to stop people from abusing the game? no...just make the game rewards better and they will have no need for the accounts. rules/systems in place to prevent someone from multiboxing is an entirely different story. i fully agree people should not be allowed to multiclient and cheat to complete missions.
    now imagine if they have many more odd fun achievements so you get rewarded for your time trying these self restrictions. they would even give you new ones to aim for. now imagine spending 45 minutes challenging yourself with a 2 orb only run and getting...like 50 BF and 300 gold, because that is how it is now.
    i'll just quit responding here i guess because you seem to not even be listening. its not about just getting stuff faster. its about being rewarded for your time.
    i can tell you as a fact that out of the 8 players in my group who play i am basically the only one who sticks around after my daily missions are done. 
    i have tried to offer some suggestions as well as voice my complaints. what more do you want from me? i already said i will move on with the issue and make a new thread in order to try and provide better conversation about improving the game....
    thanks. i really appreciate hearing this from someone who has been around longer 🙂
  5. Kilikem liked a post in a topic by Majora in QOL and multiple accounts   
    We do care, which is also why I spend time to respond to this thread multiple times and explain our reasoning. Im sad to hear that somehow results in you thinking we do not care about new player input, just because we do not agree on a point. I also already responded to (and agreed to most of) the QoL things in my first reply. But after that the post mainly got taken over with a discussion about multi-accounting. 
    I think Kilikem has a point regarding it feeling a bit lackluster to keep playing after you finish your daily. And, as I stated before, we are already looking into that. What I disagree with is the statement that multiaccounting should be allowed, and would solve the problems. What I also disagree with is the statement that you have to grind to be able to play PvP. 
    There are Free PvP decks available, including all the top tier cards, resulting in you barely having to buy any cards to play competitive PvP. If you want to play an off-meta deck, you can either collect those specific cards, or play on the test server where all the cards are available. My statement ''I honestly dont get you are complaining about not being able to play'', might be worded a little harshly, but I am honestly wondering what the exact problem (and preferred solution) would be regarding PvP specifically that was not already covered. 
  6. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    since when does actually being rewarded feel exhausting? how does saying "if you keep playing you will keep being rewarded" make plays feel it is mandatory? and what exactly is wrong with having advantages for PLAYING THE GAME MORE.
    i am a father of 3, i am the definition of someone who "doesn't have as much time". and i can tell you that the fact that i have less time to play means i would rather only spend that time playing when i have daily's and such that will reward me. when it dries up i'm out. why would i stick around when i'm feeling unrewarded?
    which system are they abusing? playing the game? are you really considering playing a game more to be exploiting by "artifically stretching their in game time?" like i said in my WoW metaphor before... should WoW stop letting players "artically stretch their time in game" because some players get max level quicker than others?...this literally makes no sense to me. players will continue to grind if they want to grind and reach the peak regardless if they have the time. the point is to make players of any level feel rewarded any time they play.
    is this not simple? we already have achievements such as beating missions with higher level decks, missions requiring certain cards to be played, ect. do you think all the new players magically have all these cards and decks at the ready to smash out the quests? no... the answer is to simply add challanges of various difficulties and requiring various cards. imagine challenges for completing 4 man maps solo on each difficulty, perhaps with different colors or playing at least X amount of twilight creatures. quirky stuff like "beat empire on expert with no player having more than 2 monuments at once". i could go on for days.
    you mean instead of the current system? in which PvP players are forced to participate in PvE in order to have progression AT ALL and currently results in players cheesing PvE missions to clear them as fast as possible for currency? as far as stopping faux matches between players, this can easily be made tedious depending on what the quests are. something like "win a PvP match lasting over 15 minutes" "reach 4 monuments in PvP and win" "win a ranked pvp match" <-worth more. of course with this lazy players could still do some of these in unranked matches by simply waiting out the time and finishing the match, but this doesn't stop the fact that only 1 of the players will get the reward and it will be guaranteed to take time regardless.
    so what? maybe a few players will match each other, wait 15 minutes and win, then rematch and do the reverse. congrats they spent 30~ minutes to do 1 daily and be bored out of their mind not actually playing while minding the AFK timer. do we really care?
  7. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    just a few examples:
    add systems to reward players for playing more, such as bonus to BF/Gold after daily missions are complete. bonus currency when beating your own best time on a mission depending on the time difference far more achievements including ones designed to engage players in PvP make all free pvp decks always available so the PvP community doesn't feel gated by the PvE (large numbers of players play RTS strictly for pvp) double the daily missions, but make the new ones PvP missions so players of all skill and deck level will want to engage in the content.
  8. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    so how long does trying to do missions in weird ways keep you occupied? approx how much time do you spend in the game after all your daily missions are complete? i would think the point i am trying to make is a simple one. if players do not feel rewarded or like they are making meaningful progression they simply will not play. period. this is just the truth regardless of how you or i enjoy the game. 
    just be honest man come on, when the daily missions are done in this game aside from pvp there is nothing to do besides GRIND. and what keeps players grinding? wanting to progress! what makes players quit? not being able to progress. 
    i love this game. but if i spend this entire month buying red packs and doing every achievement/daily ect and then eventually want to maybe try pvping with some purple or blue decks im simply out of luck because even the free pvp decks are limited.
    the entire point i am trying to make is that the progression system is so gated that there is literally a rule to ban players simply for making new accounts in order to be able to progress and play the game the way they find enjoyable. i think we could agree banning players for simply wanting to be able to actually progress is a bad thing. right?
    we all know PVP is a huge part of games like this and is solely what many players care about. imagine telling a starcraft player this
    "yea it is great you like the game but if you want to join the pvp crowd you need to play the same free deck over and over or farm for 6-12 months on the same missions over and over again."
    i get it, i really do. some people like trying to do these missions with some quirky deck, or maybe seeing if they can beat X mission with only 2 monuments, or ect ect ect the list goes on. but for the people who do not enjoy or care to do any of that? it is simply a grind to get the cards upgraded. 
    imagine if in WoW you hit level 10 and NPC's just stopped giving you quests until the next day. you can still level, of course. but the only way is to go out in the field and do some honest work chopping down monster after monster. of course if you simply wait till the next day though all the npc's will happily give you more quests! but only until level 15, in which they will then again shut you off. want to feel rewarded for your time by making a new character that can actually receive quests instead of endlessly grinding? too bad, banned.
    that is honestly how this feels. personally i would love nothing more than to be able to play, power up my cards as fast as possible and get a great collection so i can try out various things in PvP. but there is only so long i can grind out the same missions over and over after my dailies before i simply get bored and move on until the reset.
  9. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    but it is effort. you have to physically play the game for the time required. not everyone can sit around on 20 accounts and grind out every mission every day.
    ill simply repeat what i said above and ask you the same thing 
    if you are playing right now on an account with mid tier cards what are you doing in this game aside from grinding out currency as fast as possible to upgrade your cards?
    i simply want this game to be better and have more players. and I can tell you as a player when i complete my daily missions and such i feel very little to no incentive to play the game, this just simply seems bad for overall player retention and i am only offering my suggestions. i play with 8 of my friends now and aside from fooling around on some PvP the general consensus right now is do the daily missions, then bounce out.
  10. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    it is my opinion banning players for simply making new accounts in order to be able to progress is a bad idea. period. unless the multiple accounts are used to afk pvp yourself for free currency for example. simply improving the reward structure of the game would eliminate players feeling any need for a second account. 
    id love to see someone complete the entire game on 5 different accounts in a single day completing all the color/unit specific achievements in a single day. looking at the rankings most missions seem to be around 10-20 minutes+ and the game has 27 missions not to count extra time assembling decks/transfering cards to new accounts ect. basically a full time job working at max efficiency to be able to buy a single promo firedancer perhaps. what is the player doing wrong? actively playing the game? not allowing players to work harder to get stuff quicker will only lead to them doing things like buying from players via black market. 
    random generated 2 player missions.
    could this restriction be removed entirely perhaps as long as a friendly unit is close? currently it just seems to be very buggy and even with no enemies nearby sometimes it tells you that you cannot open the chest. and of course. I simply wanted to point out my main gripes even if they are fairly obvious to everyone. 
    people will not only have more points, but more packs as well, meaning more cards and then a drop in price. would this not counteract the increase in BF? currently the players play for pure BF with no pack rewards after completing achievements, right? this means bf continues to come into the market but the extra packs stop being rewarded which players often spend on specific cards instead of fresh boosters. would more boosters in the economy not lower the value over time making it more accessible to new players?
    of course not. but no one likes for gameplay to get stale. lets be honest, grinding out the same missions over and over again for little reward is not exactly exciting gameplay. players like to progress to push for challenges. the things I find fun in a game like this besides PvP is pushing strategy to the max, competing for best times on missions, ect ect. now understand i am a father of 3 children under 2 years old. I do not have unlimited free time to play this game, and when i do have the free time id enjoy being able to use it. but once my daily missions are done, what then? grind the same mission over and over or run randoms for gold? lets be honest, probably no one is pushing standard for best times with their t1/t2 half upgraded units. 
    i do enjoy PLAYING this game, but do not forget that putting cards on the board is not the entire game. getting cards, upgrading them, forming new strategies and building a deck out of it is largely what makes the game fun for me. when I have spent my entire play time spending all my resources to upgrade my main deck i hardly would enjoy going and playing another color right now given that I have all common/uncommon starter cards that have 0 upgrades. and if i bring any of these decks into any later missions with friends it will clearly get smashed.
    id love to hear what you do for fun with a mid tier deck after you finish daily missions? do you quit pve entirely and try out pvp with free decks? do you see if your t2 werebeasts and t1 shaman can push the top of the standard ladder? or do you endlessly grind for more resource to try and upgrade/get new cards?
    i can tell you the general theme of all my other friends playing the game is to do daily missions and bounce out to play other games.
  11. mikehoncho liked a post in a topic by Kilikem in QOL and multiple accounts   
    some units spawn additional units, such as deepfang. it can be very annoying mid fight trying to target these and add them to squad so you can control them. making these units automatically group with their parent unit would be great. monument placement on 2 man battlegrounds is slightly annoying. having monuments placed symmetrically on the map for both players would make this a far more enjoyable experience. currently whoever is in position 2 spawning on the side with 3 monuments is at a major disadvantage. my suggestion is 3 monuments on each side with a double monument spot at a middle joined location for both players. opening chests is currently a major hassle and seems buggy. hopefully this can be improved eventually. right click option on cards to search it on the auction house would make pricing much more player friendly currently by the game rules it shows having multiple accounts is a ban-able offense. with the way the game is currently setup I feel this rule needs to be removed and rewards should be improved. essentially playing loses a ton of value when you have already completed achievements and run every daily. players want to be able to progress when they play and feel rewarded, if they do not they will not play. basically banning players who want to make a second account is only punishing the players who simply want to play the game more. if more achievements and goals for players to reach are added to the game players will be sufficiently occupied with their primary account and will not have a need to make multiple accounts in the first place, which would also help keep players around since they have a goal instead of just grinding miscellaneous missions/battlegrounds for BF/gold endlessly. EDIT: added more
    remove the option to pick between pvp/pve daily quests. simply offer more of both to draw players to play both modes.  
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