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  1. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to since it's the blessed version of the card instead of regeneration on the crystal fiend, and like Nemoo said, that's on the wiki as the effect. I never used it in vanilla either so I can't say, but that reduction is definitely noticeable.
  2. Description: The blessed Crystal Fiend card ability "Use it well" says that it gives 20% damage reduction to affected units. The ability gives no damage reduction whatsoever, and is easily reproduceable in the forge with explosion. All other damage reductions work as far as I know, adamant skin and dryad reduction, as well as abilities, but this one only gives regeneration. Not sure how to number the severity of this bug, but it REALLY hurts my deck and explains why my units have been taking so much damage from enemies.
  3. No, the game just closes itself without any error or warning whatsoever. It's pretty much the same response as if you just hit alt+f4 to close the game down. The whole time I'm still connected to the server as well, and every time I've gotten a shutdown it's been right after I've interacted with the UI in the forge.
  4. So, it's not producing any error logs when I get the game closed out on me this way, but checking the logs, it seems that it might be a LUA command closing the game rather than a crash. The bug happens at random points in the game, and most often for me it's closing or switching windows in the forge. For example, if I switch from the news screen to the map screen, it might crash, or if I close out of the news or upgrade screen, it'll crash. There's no error logs, but there's logs of the LUA events, and here's the last one that was produced from my client: [INFO][Pathing]: Destroy Pat
  5. Severity: 2 Location: Lobby creation Repro, description: If you leave a lobby before starting a match and then create a new lobby, the script listed in the photo breaks: Screenshot:
  6. Severity: 4 (actually a fix) Location: user/documents/battleforge folder Repro, Description: So, after looking on the forums for a solution as to why the application wouldn't start from the launcher and finding the solution is to delete /user/documents/battleforge, which deletes my graphics settings, I found a better solution. It has something to do with one of two folders or a combination between the two: battleforge/diag battleforge/loadingscreensaudiostore I've had a 100% success rate in getting my application to start by deleting these two folders and being able to k
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