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Lost Warlord

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Hi Skylords,
as you may have noticed, I recently wrote a topic about cards that bother me / should also receive a change at some point. When Lost Warlord came to my mind, too many things came up which made me think that maybe I should write this in a different post to make it more readable.

Lost Warlord: An ultrarare, with the most-restrictive orb requirements that a card can have. 

He should be faction T4 core unit, but doesn´t have any ability to strenghten neary Lost-Soul units.

This card should do something that LostSouls doesn´t have yet and be a supporter+frontliner
-> just like dreadnought for example, which both heals ice-shielded-allies and deals extra-damage to frozen targets thus synergizes with frost cards.

How can Warlord synergize with other Lost Souls? He shouldn´t simply do what f.e. Lost Evocation does (=dmg increase(red aff)/less dmg taken(blue aff)) so that´s not really an option. Lost Dragon(g) already provides some sort of CC so that´s not needed either / not that fitting. 

What does pure lost miss? I often have the Problem that the survivability isn´t good enough in this faction, so - Heal maybe? Less damage taken maybe? Or more an damage amplifier maybe? Some sorf of Synergy with Lost Revenants?

Due to the fact that Lost Obelisk is now on the table which would expand the lifetime of Reventants, that´s not something Lost Warlord should focus on. 


My Ideas:

  • His teleport-ability should afterwards not only buff only him, but all nearby LS-Units/Revenants should receive the dmg buff (red aff) / up to 4 nearby LS-units also receive a shield. 

New passive: Distributed Life-Stealer:

  • Every time Lost Warlord deals damage, either
  • a) every friendly Lost Souls Unit within 20m heals 20% of that damage OR
  • b) every friendly Lost Revenant within 20m heals 60% of that damage.
    ( E.g. if Warlord would deal 1k dmg per hi, every friendly LS-Unit would instandly get 200hp everytime he attacks. OR everny Revenant would instandly get 600hp.
     Would need testing and probably number adjustments. Could also be changed so that the maximum available heal is then distributed amongst nearby units instead of that fixed amount)

New passive: Warlords Enragement:

  • Nearby Lost Revenants have Rage.


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