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Recent hotfix straight up made the game unplayable

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Description: A bold title to be sure, however it's true after the first game on each login the game gets a little bit laggier each time i play a new map/mission and it scales up in 2-3 games to the point of being straight up unplayable(the screen will freeze for an increasingly long time). I played earlier at around 4-5 am and it worked buttery smooth for an hour or two, however yesterday the whole evening and today  as well after about 8 am it's been well this. I've seen/heard other people complain about lagging in the forge/menus and while that does happen to me as well, that's far less frequent, as far as i know i am the only one who has run into this. For a little over 2 years i've had 0 problems running the game aside from playing rpve and some folk spamming too many frost spells which would cause a casual 60k ping.

Reproductibility:  Just play the game as usual and it keeps on happening. 





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