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Dragon's hoard requirements

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I've been having a lot of fun collecting cosmetics and while I think a grindier, long-term cosmetic is fine I feel I'm gonna pass away before I can even collect those 5 million 😄

My suggestion would be:

- Reduce the requirement from 5 million to 1 million.

- Add an extra way to get it by playing 200 matches.

This way it will still take a long time to get it but it should not feel impossible for those who would like to work towards it.

Also, big hug to those who worked on the cosmetics 🙂

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I do agree but I feel a small problem is that it seems to be only taking in account gold earned since the patch was released and not gold previously earned, but I'm not sure if that data is stored or if there are other technical limitations.

Doing some math it would take me over year and a half to unlock it. So probably a very very long term goal😄 

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