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NPC Stonekin Grinder: Bugged Damage Distribution


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NAME: Stonekin Grinder's Damage Distribution remains active for former allies after his ownership changed.

DESCRIPTION: When a Stonekin Grinder [ID: (2000)515] is next to an ally he transfers part of the incoming damage to himself. After being mindcontrolled into a new team, the passive damage distribution still takes damage into account that is inflicted onto his former allies.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Have a mind controlled Stonekin Grinder stand next to a hostile unit, that is being damaged.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is a bug report to archive an issue reported by Xanax encountered with Primeval Watcher and Stonekin Grinder (515) in Bad Harvest. His replay is attached.

Replay by Xanax Minute 17 onwards.pmv

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