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Mindweaver - "prolonged control" after effect wears off.

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When you Mindweaver something it follows the last order even if the mind control effect wears off, sooo you can just put the thing you controlled on "Hold" and it will not move, even after attacking with its ranged, or at least that's what the test in the forge shown.

To replicate, just throw down a Mindweaver, the creature I used was a Stonekin Rageflame, once the Rageflame got in mind control range you just mind control, and click F and when it comes back to being a bad guy, he just stands there, and lets the Mindweavers attack him without fighting back. even if you have someone run in range and it attacks, it doesn't reset its stance. it seemingly sits "hold" and will not chase the archer that poked him

lol...I also just got the Rageflame to continue attacking and killing its own ally, even after the effect wore off the Rageflame kept attacking, starting a new animation and all, interesting..

I am having different results on different things I'm spawning in the forge tho.

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