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Global Moderator

As a Global Moderator, you are responsible for safeguarding the rules of Skylords Reborn. Together with the other Global Moderators you make sure all our players have a great experience playing the game. This is achieved by enforcing the rules and act accordingly in the case of misbehavior. Our moderation tools will assist you with your tasks on a daily basis.

 Identify issues and handle them accordingly.
 Handle reports from players.
 Ability to log any and all actions taken.

Desired traits
 Being able to keep a cool head while handling tough situations.
• Able to balance professionalism with approachability.
• Able to handle constructive criticism in regards to moderation actions.
• Be a team-player and willingness to work towards a shared moderation philosophy with fellow moderators.
 Able to handle situations without being biased by your own experiences with a player.

Bonus traits
 Previous experience moderating any kind of community.

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