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Hi there,


I am looking for a list of all viable decks, thanks to which I can find inspiration to create my own. I'm starting the journey with focusing on clearing all the campaigns on expert lvl. Mainly solo if possible. I would like to create a deck that will be able to clear the entire campaign content. Assuming that when I want to go further(rpve), I will not have to replace everything. Actually, I would like to have 1 core deck, in which I would exchange individual cards depending on whether I do:

1)Expert campaign

2)Expert campaign with defensive structures for some specific defensive maps



I'd love to start with green orb, and avoid red ones. I really like green t1 archers, shaman, lost spirit ship. Dont like any other purple units. Are u able to help me with any way ?

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You could play something like:


Windweavers  / shaman / ensnaring roots / surge of light


Stormsinger / cannon tower / breeding grounds / cystal fiend / curse of oink / maulers


shrine of memory / equilibrium / revenge / thunderstorm / enlightenment


Lost spirit ship / grimvine / regrowth / maelstrom

Just some basic cards wich do a good job most fo the time. You can also play offering and rifle cultists to get more charges for T4 units without a cooldown. For expert you will often need to make changes (more defensive towers or a stronger focus on different tiers). If you didn't know: you can test all cards by clicking on them in the auction house. Have fun!

Edit: forgot maulers!

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