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Here is another suggestion for all the way down the priority list:

I think it would be cool to have a button, that will sort your current deck in a specific way. The parameters, after which the deck will be sorted should be somehow customizeable. So for example I could configure it to sort my deck:
- By Tier in ascending order
- If Tier is tied, put Units before Spells before buildings
- If this is tied as well, sort by power cost in ascending order
- If this is tied, sort by Damage value (for units and buildings)
- If this is tied, sort by HP (for units and buildings)
- If this is tied, sort by name
Or you could also sort them first by units/spell/building and have tier as second priority and have all of it in descending order etc.

I know, that developer resources are sparce right now and this will fall very far down in the priority list, but I still wanted to put it here for completeness' sake. 🙂

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