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Fixed, can you confirm?

P.S. I was originally considering to hide the post but decided not to, because it did not contained the information on how to reproduce it. Reason being that some player could be testing how many players is affected by this, and I did not want that to happen.

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@Dreadfist Unexpected or constant crash? If you haven’t restarted your game, send us your latest log, with a description of your problem. The log file we need is _log_proxy_latest.log. Restarted your game already? No worries, just send the previous log, which is _log_proxy_0.log, or an older one based on how many times you restarted the game, last 30 should be there. If your game closed without any error message, then please send us your crashdata.mdmp as well. Not sure where to find the logs? Here's where: image0.png

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"DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" 🤔 @Dreadfist are you doing something crazy? Like disconnecting monitor? Or reinstalling drivers during game play?

If not I recommend checking that your GPU is correctly secured to the motherboard, and run some tests to ensure it is not your GPU dying.

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