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  1. I have to restart my computer sometimes when the game crashes? The game screen blocks the task manager. Thanks for finding the error code, I am working through some solutions online
  2. Just crashed again. Latest log _log_proxy_latest.log
  3. Hi Hero, Thanks for replying. I took a screenshot of me trying to play tonight you can see I spent ¬20mins trying from the files in the image. Attached most recent two logs and crashdata. Thank you very much for investigating. This happened to me sometimes back in BF but now happening even more in Reborn. _log_proxy_0.log _log_proxy_1.log crashdata.mdmp
  4. I also seem to crash quite often. Usually when the game is loading but sometimes in the home screen. How do I access the crash logs attached to this thread?
  5. Hey! I've just come back to the game, I didn't know reborn was live! I played BF as my main game while it was active... but my favourite part is PvP. I'm in Australia and I've logged in a few times but seem to just queue forever... is there a certain time of day (include time code) that pvp players are on? I'm assuming my starter ELO is affecting the queue as well. Love to hear any tips for getting more PvP games.
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