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Installer containing Trojan?

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I know that this might sound weird, but I know some antivirus programs might get it wrong, but I didn't have an issue with this and I've scanned the file, but my friend who recently tried to download it had his 360 Total Security claim that it contains a Trojan...

If this could be answered I could easily put his fears to rest :)

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Just an update on the matter, the issue is so far completely in hands of 360 Total Security reading it as "possible" Trojan.
Before I even knew for yours troubleshooting guide (and it clearly states that anti-virus software might react aggressively on the installer) I've already made few checkups on everything so it's clear.

As side note, I've tested it on few other devices (brothers PC, etc.) and from all I can say is, that multiple devices with same antivirus gave out same issues 😄

Final conclusion, my apologies for uncalled stirr-up, but it could stand as a good point into the issue (if anyone encounters the same issue), and while doing so, I brought up 3-4 more people into Battleforge 🥳

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I have no clue what exactly installer does (and I did not even used it one), so I can not speak for that one.

But there are real reasons why antivirus can detect "trojan" in other files. (Like redirecting game to our server instead of EA's server, and "steeling login information")

If the antivirus do not detect these, but detect installer, well to say it nicely "there is nothing nice I can say about that antivirus". 😄

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