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Bandit Lancer - Tainted Branding bug

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NAME: The purple Bandit Lancer's ability does not give 15% damage amplification. 

DESCRIPTION: The ability is supposed to give 15% damage amplification. Instead, it only gives a flat 15 damage bonus to any attack or ability, not a percentage. 

REPRODUCIBILITY: It is always reproducible, for auto attacks or unit abilities. For example, a Nox Trooper will do 50 damage to a Mutating Frenzy, but with branding it will do 65 damage. A Magma Spore's ability will do 1080 damage against an Emberstrike, but with branding it will do 1095 damage. 
This also means for archers, each shot does 15 more damage. Darkelf Assassins will do 72 damage per volley to an Emberstrike (12 dmg per archer), or 162 damage per volley with branding (27 damage per archer). 

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: None - easily reproducible in the Forge.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additionally, Bandit Lancer's ability also does not seem to work in giving a lot of ranged units the extra range, but that seems to depend on the projectile of the ranged unit (ex. Twilight Hag works and gets more range, but Ashbone Pyro does not). Not sure if that is something that can be fixed, unlike the damage amplify bug which seems like a value input mistake. 

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