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Info or patch date of Snap jaw's new dps number?

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Does anyone remember which patch mentions snap jaw dps being changed to the current 190 now?

The old value listed on the card was 280.


I can't find any info or mention of this, and it's driving me nuts. Is it a dps # correction, is it a nerf etc.



I see nothing on the patch changes, and no one is talking about it

because people usually don't remember the snap jaw's dps number.

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14 hours ago, LEBOVIN said:

It was last patch, the wiki pages of each individual card are just not updated yet. The change is noted on the main patch page: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches/Patch_400031

and yeah only what is displayed was adjusted, no actual dmg changes occurred. 

Thank you very much!


It was driving me nuts I couldn't find the patch notes or info on

what happened.

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