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The Treasure Fleet - Discussion Thread

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Responsible members of the Skylords Reborn team recently met to discuss possible changes to campaign maps. What is outlined here are the proposed changes to the map The Treasure Fleet. These changes are not final and are only proposed. As a warning, other map projects such as more RPvE presets and Defensive RPvE have a much higher priority for our team. As such, these, or any campaign map changes, may not happen for a very long time. 

Some changes here are firmer than others, all italicized proposals have accompanying explanations for why we are considering them, but they are the most tentative of all the proposals.

Proposed Changes:

1.   Clearing the top left camp gives players additional gold and experience

2.   Add a lever in the starting base to allow you to change the Treasure Wagon’s route to be faster but more dangerous.

Treasure fleet, outside of exploits, is a map with a fixed time and a rather long fixed time at that. Because of this, it is rarely played through multiple times. We would like to increase the replayability of the map for experienced players by giving them the option to speed up the Treasure Wagon while directing it through a more dangerous path. This would also give many of the northern camps, with which the player never needs to directly interact, a larger purpose in the map.


The Treasure Fleet 1: Red line is current route, blue line is proposed dangerous route

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