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Tainted Batariel aura give flat damage bonus. + master archer = giant slayer

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NAME:  Batariel (P) offer flat damage bonus, while the status on target say %.


When I tested batariel (P) and (r) to see how their performance against single high HP unit,damage calculation seems off, so I goes further with following set up.


2 forest elder sit side by side, near healing garden. each of them will be heal by a sylvan gate with max root support(6).

let batariel(P) upgrade 3 attack the Forest Elder.

let 2 group of master archer(u0 from turtorial deck) attack the right Forest Elder.

Result : you will see that both of the elder health will drop nearly the same rate despite that

  • Batariel U3 attack 4400 XL x150%(vs XL) = 6600.
  • 2 master archer : 300x 2 = 600S
  • 6600 /600=10 times DPS

Add another group of master archer (3 intotal ) will easily out perform batariel DPS.

Expected : status say 75%

REPRODUCIBILITY: Always , in the forge.

Additional Info : the moment u see target have 2 of batariel debuff( last around 2s, and only happen every 4-5s) target HP will drop significantly...

It's likely that even more flat damage bonus got stacked.

There should be less gotcha moment, either the aura description need updated to 35 ,75  (there are 2 stackable statuses)

or the mechanism should be updated to match their description.

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