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My game crashed and I loose all my time and my daily quest

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I've played a single campagne quest for 25min at 21:20 today. And my game crashed, during this time my unit cannot move (same for all the npc) but I could move the camera. I waites to see if that problem dissapear but nothing so I tried to close the game but I loose all of what I've did during this game (25min of playing time and a daily quest where I have to collect all of the chest from a campagn map). So why ? Please help me.

PS : sorry for my english

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If you crash during a mission, it counts as losing the mission, so the daily playtime rewards of 25 minutes, and any quest which does not have winning as a condition will be awarded. However, this only applies to crashes which are caused by your client. Very rarely the server crashes, which will lead to all matches being aborted.

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