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Gemeye(Nature) upgraded loses paralyze

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NAME: Gemeye(Nature) upgraded loses paralyze
DESCRIPTION: Gemeye(Nature) has Gifted Spit, which paralyzes enemies in the contaminated area after 5 seconds. The U0 version of Gemeye(Nature) functions as intended, with vfx clearly visible and units being paralyzed. The U3 version of Gemeye(Nature) loses this paralyzing contamination easily noted by the lack of vfx that the U0 version has.
REPRODUCIBILITY: Easily tested in the forge. Make a U0 Gemeye(Nature) and attack some bandits, repeat with upgraded Gemeye(Nature) and see the results.


LOG: log_proxy_latest.log
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not sure how busted U1 or U2 are. Other players report the same issue in rPVE so presumably this extends to missions. Gifted Spit gets upgraded with damage so something is probably broken in there. New issue with Jan 1, 2021 patch.


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