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Automated feature or notice to user while they are prompted to make an action

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Recently I received a warning note from a Lead Moderator that my former display name is inappropriate and moderator received numerous report regarding it although didnt share any details regarding it.  I have been using same name in various game PVP, RTS, RPG servers and had used it Battleforge in EA with out any issue. I am not sure why I got this after so many months of the name being in use since test server. 

I am assuming there are some customized or unique rules in SkylordsReborn which users are not aware or made aware while they make an action, because, if my name was inappropriate according to SkylordsReborn team it should have been mentioned while I was adding name to the account or while it was on display in first month.

Hence I suggest an automated rule validator in game server and forum which would be help to keep user within the rules rather than penalizing them for rules they broke which they were never aware. If such a feature is too difficult, then please consider having a note of rules to be followed on any screen where user are prompted to make an action.

Penalizing seem fun or easy for some but may not be fruitful for open source company that depends on voluntary user contribution. Would you work on an open source project that penalize you surprise like I got? How much rule can one keep if it was never notified ?

I hope you will read with a calm mind.


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