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After 10/9/20 update login bug Fail to connect

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Edit2: I can log in now. it's fixed. Thank you guys.




Okay I've obviously been a user for a while. But minutes after the new update, I put my login info and password into log in screen, click log in.....

And it says in red letters Failed to connect.


Wonderful. 10/10. Will try again later and maybe screenshot, but literally full release and reset is planned and game still bugsplats.


Edit: really?

Now i have another new type of red letter login status bug. Screenshot below.


Reproduce: Go to log in screen, shove your log in info. Do you get failed tp connect or login fail 73. Congrats, you get to not play the game.



I didn't scrrenshot the Failed to connect, but here's the new one

2020-10-09 16_48_48-BattleForge 1.2 retail.png



Log in latest? Here.



Add info: Was playing 15-30 mins before update. Log off, watch vid, try logging in, Fail to connect, then Errorcode 71 bug.


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