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Old "Auction Ended" Crash

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NAME: Old "Auction Ended" Crash

DESCRIPTION: I have not logged in since original launch. I have 2 "Auction Ended" notifications from 9/29/2018. When I try to open them, I get an error message ( see attached). Second time opening it, my client crashes. 

REPRODUCIBILITY: I have crashed three times trying to open these mails. I cannot reproduce older mail versions. 

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO:   See attached screenshots.  

LOG: I uploaded my log post-crash. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Likely due to artifacts from an older version of the auction / mailing system. 




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Thanks for the report, these are indeed very likely artifacts from an older version of the mailing system. You can still collect the items by simply deleting the mail (they will be added automatically to your account). This is an issue that will automatically fix itself once we release, so I will move this to resolved. Feel free to report this issue again if it happens after release.

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