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Hello everyone,


First of all...I really can't believe that I'm playing Battleforge again! :)

Really great job with reviving/adapting the game! (off-topic, I know, but I just wanted to thank everyone involved)

Going on-topic, I wanted to ask about the possibility of having a sandbox mode/server. Of course, the game itself is brilliant, and the actual deck building/card trading/booster opening actions are very exciting!

But I also think that it would be reeeaaaally fun to be able to create and test out custom decks - just to feed your creative side (think of Minecraft's creative mode), or simply test out card combos against your playstyle, before actually spending your hard earned bfp.

I imagine having a sandbox server, with auctions/trades/progress/rankings/story scenarios disabled, just the rpve1 and pvp 1v1 maps available (and of course, all cards in your inventory, with upgrade prices set to 0 + rank requirements ignored, for upgrades).

This way, I could actually recreate my favourite "live" deck in here, and just add, for example, that primeval watcher card and see if it fits in the deck and with my playstyle - before actually buying it in "live".

Or I could just start to play with fire, literally - talking about testing out entire new colors, with 0 cost.

For example, I'm currently heavily invested in stonekin cards, but I do want to check out fire combos - however, I'm more inclined in consolidating what I have (stonekin), rather than investing in new/untested cards(fire).


Of course, I realize that this wouldn't be an easy (or maybe even a feasible) feature to introduce or maybe even to maintain, but still, there you have it, my suggestion for the Skylords Reborn game B)

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