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Hello fellow Skylords,


CPU : i9-9900K
GPU : RTX2080 Ti - 11Go
Memory : 32 GB DDR4 RAM
OS : Win10
Monitor : ASUS - 4K - 100HZ - XG35VQ

I got a problem, whenever I start the game, it heats up the GPU to the 70° Threshold in only 2 mins. I don't wanna risk any hardware failures for this game so I had to shut it down quickly. Does anyone have the same problem when you are looking at the GPU T°C and fan speed? Is it because of an older Framework that uses very old functions in the game?

I tried to run it on low specs or diffrent resolutions but I get the same problem, even when the game allows 3440x1440p the letters get extremly small and unreadable.

Only if I put all settings on LOW and deacitvate the V-Sync and even the clouds, then it seems to solve the problem, but in some menus it keeps rising up the temprature.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Cause every other game I play, runs smoothly and without any trouble.

Thank you all for the replys and have a wonderful day.


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