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When I played Battleforge before we had a clan.   To make the clan we just added a title before all our names:  i.e.  [xNTx]WolvenX.   This of course meant creating a new player.   Anyone who wanted to join the clan had to create the new player with the prefix added to the name.  This had a few advantages:

1. We could all help new players, with cards, gold and, BF points.  We also teamed up and taught them tips and tricks of he game.  

2. We had our own competitions.  Setting up challenges with rewards.

3, Specific play nights where we could get on as a clan.

4. other incidental things.

I think Clans would help the game out; add a bit of friendly rivalry; get people of like mindedness or geographical location together etc.   Also if there was a way or plans for the developers to add clan matches to the game like: World of Warships style for example, it would be a lot of fun.  so I guess my questions are:

1. Has this been considered?  2. Is it feasible?  3. Do other players want this?  4. Could maps be adapted for clan play?  

I understand that this would be something for the future as there are lots of thing the developers are working on.   However. seeing as we do have a reset coming up sometime in the future one thing we could do to facilitate the formation of clans is to allow at the commencement of the reset a name change where we could add a title prefix to our names.  Or add the ability to place a prefix in front of our names re the formation of a clan.  It would be that simple to start with.  

Anyhow, this is food for thought and I was wonder what other players and the Developers thoughts were on this subject/topic.

Thanks so much to all the Developers and what they have achieved here with Battleforge, and I wish them all the best for the future developments.  



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38 minutes ago, WolvenX said:

allow at the commencement of the reset a name change

You will actually need to create your profile again at reset :3 meaning you can name yourself whatever you want

There’s also been a lot of thread discussing clans, maybe you could have a look. As for developmental possibilities regarding clans it would have to be something to be discussed

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It’s certainly possible. In fact there’s already a clan right now in the game, it’s called the {GM} clan ;)

But I’m not sure how feasible it will be to have everyone create their own clan. Certainly good for thought somewhere down the line

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