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Balancing Unused Cards


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One of the downsides of Battleforge/Skylords is that there are so many cards that barely being used.

So despite having so many cards, the real number of cards that are available to us is somewhat limited if we compare them to the total number of cards.

I understand that balancing cards is tricky and every person has its own opinions.

So I would like to suggest a standard and gradual method for balancing cards over time.

The never ending objective is get to a point where all cards are being used equally.

So the simple answer to achieve that is simply - boost unused cards gradually.

For example, let us take Ravenheart.

I assume it is not being used often based on its low price at the AH (50-80 BFP) which is low for a rare card.

So one way to boost this cards is to move it from era 4 to era 3 while reducing its life points and attack to a reasonable value for era 3.

Just pick 5 unused cards a week and give them some kind of boost and then follow your statistics and see the results.

Weekly re-balancing will also encourage players to change their decks to fit in cards that got a boost.

This will make gameplay more interesting and exciting where players have to adjust their gameplay to the never ending balance changes. 

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