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  1. rodnocle

    Balancing Unused Cards

    I like that idea, would keep people coming back. The timeframe of a week is maybe a bit short.
  2. @Kubik Okay i understand your point. This system makes no sense.
  3. rodnocle

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Were seasons considered with different systems? Seems like your searching a holy grail
  4. First: Thank you all for getting the game running again! After 10 years i was finally able to enjoy this gem again with my friends. This was a fucking wholesome experience for me. Thanks Please give yourself some credit and put your names in the launcher, credits or put special tags in-game, so players know, who they are dealing with, give thanks. As someone who just plays i had to dig in the forums to get a glimpse of who is working on the game. I doubt that a large percentage of players partake in the community and most of them just come by to check the FAQ or get the client running. So most people are not going to know who you are... as for getting knee deep where i don't belong, but care: @Kubik I didn't know about your efforts. Thanks for your work. I hope you stick around. People can't be changed but you can chose what you focus on. You made them choose because you know that you put in a lot, a whole lot of hard work the past years that couldn't be accomplished by the rest of the team in that time frame*. I believe you deserve respect, lack credit and should be known for your efforts. You can't expect the team to understand your struggles if you don't express your position. The teams position to keep@MrXLink instead of you is not about them choosing him above you or thinking that your work is less worth than @MrXLinks. It's them not understanding what you are expressing and keeping the vision of Skylords alive. You see option A, B There is also C, rate your action as arbitrary by not understanding you and choosing to keep you both if you want thus resulting again in B, but its not B since you have to option to keep working. Only a fool throws away this much work because of emotions, which * clearly you are not...
  5. rodnocle

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    Why not revote? Seems like something that could be reverted on each reset?

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