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What's the future of this?

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I've spent a lot of time gathering cards when the game was first announced and swore EA for putting down the servers. Now we have the chance to start all over again here, but my question is, for how long? From whom does this server depend now? How many donations does it need to stay running if EA couldn't maintain it before? Is there a chance to liberate the game in the future that doesn't depend of an external server? Single player, I don't care, anything that keeps our time and effort in gathering cards.

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We have always had a "failsafe" design that the team agrees with, if for some reason, we would need  to shut the project down entirely due to EA shutting us down, or other reasons, we will make the game code open source. So some sort of possibility will be out there for you to continue playing this game in some form.

For now, we are managing with the current donation numbers, and the current server capacity, however should server population drastically increase, and the donation value should stay the same, we will then need to properly evaluate what we should do. No one really knows what the future might hold :) EA at the end of battleforge could still maintain the server, the main reason they shut it down because it was tying their resources that could be used in other places for a higher profit margin. 

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