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Verbindung Fehlgeschlagen/Connect Fail

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Hallo Skylord Team,

vor kurzem konnte ich noch Battleforge spielen, aber seit 2 Tagen zeigt der Client " Verbindung Fehlgeschlagen" an.

Neu Runtergeladen habe ich es und neu Installiert auch.

Launcher sowie Patcher gelöscht und neu runtergeladen.

Windows firewall deaktiviert und es probiert.

weiß keine lösung mehr, bitte um hilfe.


Google translation:

Hello Skylord Team,

Recently I was able to play Battleforge, but since 2 days the client shows "Connection Failed".

New downloaded I have it and reinstalled too.

Launcher and Patcher deleted and reloaded.

Disabled Windows firewall and tried it.

no answer please, ask for help





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Danke für die schnelle Antwort, doch leider besteht das Problem weiterhin.

Thanks for the quick answer, but unfortunately the problem persists.

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Posted (edited)

Hello Aviat0r,

Thanks for the Information, but i started SkylordsRebornUpdater again today and then updatet 1/1.

I don´t now what does updated, but i can play again...

so you can closed the Thread and Thank you very much.

Next time if i have the problem again, i check you link.



I have the Problem again. I have controll all points, but the problem is dont fix.

For 2 hours ithe game was want and now connect fail again.

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Delete all folders called battleforge, reinstall

I had a similar problem, what I did was erase all the folders, including the folder that is in my documents. And it worked.

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