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3 - Is root network bugged


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NAME: Is root network bugged
DESCRIPTION:As the title suggests, I've been having difficulties realizing what the description says in-game about entities being connected in a network. Ive tried creating networks with Tree-fiends and Living towers, which according to the card "should shoot faster", but counting the seconds between shots, nothing happens. Treefiends especially seem to be on some kind of roulette behavior, where shooting the second shot takes 5 seconds after the first (sometimes), but the 3rd comes 10 seconds after the 2nd. Can anyone else confirm/replicate this?
SCREENSHOT: Attatchedtreefiends.thumb.png.0aae9668c01eb38449ae59b52fe42525.png
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I paid for this card so it might as well work.



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Only entities that are not in combat contribute to the network. If you setup nexus (network extender) and have 2 on standby providing network support for the single one, then you will notice a difference. The reason why the first attack may seem better is because in that second the other ones are not in combat. After units are close by then they are no longer providing support

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